Henri Levit

Henri C. Levit, Chairman & CEO

Henri leads one of the oldest family-owned independent paper distributors in the United States, representing the 3rd generation of the company started by Simon Miller in 1926. As a chemical engineering graduate from Drexel University, he went right into the paper industry working in the paper lab at the Manistique Pulp & Paper. He developed further at the St. Regis Paper technical center and at Scott Paper overseeing a variety of mill projects. In 1972, Henri brought his technical skillset and management experience to Simon Miller Paper & Packaging. He took on his current senior leadership role in 1980 concentrating on the company’s expansion into new product segments and geographies.

Henri is involved with many paper industry organizations, including being a member of TAPPI since 1966. He has taken on leadership roles in a number of charitable endeavors, while remaining active at his alma matter where he is a former Vice Chair of the Drexel Alumni Board of Governors, a member and chair of multiple advisory boards and was recently inducted into the Drexel 100, the highest level of alumni recognition.

Jeffrey Levit

Jeffrey Levit, Vice President

Jeffrey represents the 4th generation of the company. As a graduate of Tulane University, New York University Stern School of Business and IESE Business School in Barcelona, he began his career in financial services as a research analyst. Later, he specialized in mergers and acquisitions and business development, moving him into the automotive industry, where he worked on numerous international assignments in Asia and South America. Subsequently, Jeffrey concentrated on innovation projects focusing on product development, sales and marketing.

Jeffrey came to Simon Miller in 2017, applying industry best practices to internal operations and marketing structures of the company.  As Vice President, Jeffrey continues to drive a forward-thinking culture focused on linking customer specific needs with the development of sourcing solutions.

Elena Zapico, Operations Manager and Business Development

Elena joined the paper industry after an extensive career as an educator and professional development leader in the field of International and Higher Education. She holds a PhD in Humanities from the University of Salamanca, Spain and received formal training at Harvard University in cognitive psychology frameworks applied to cultural transformation, becoming a coach and researcher in several projects lead by this institution. She moved to Philadelphia in 2017, where she taught courses at Jefferson University focused on cultural awareness and medical attention to the Latino community and developed a private consulting practice on corporate organizational design.

Elena joined Simon Miller in 2018 to advance the efforts of the company’s goal to increase focus on developmental projects in the paper industry. She manages all operational processes and strategic collaborations in support of this vision.