Global Sourcing

We provide the analysis and research necessary to identify the best sourcing solutions for your unique business requirements. We present a variety of viable options within our vast network of domestic and international suppliers and ensure a consistency of supply for your business in any market condition.

Customer Specific Inventory and Converting Programs

Simon Miller partners with numerous qualified warehouses experienced in paper handling and specialized converters with locations across North America to fulfill the specific demands of our customers. We ensure cost effective just in time inventory to meet your production schedule.

Product Development

Our technical paper team develops new paper grades according to specific customer applications providing value-added offerings for a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We are also heavily invested in product development projects focused on sustainability and reduction of single use plastics.


We design customized logistic plans to ensure the most secure, cost-effective, on time delivery to your facility. We coordinate domestic and international freight logistics including over-the-road and intermodal, transloading, and transoceanic freight.


Simon Miller offers multiple financing options to best fit your cash flow needs including inventory programs and customized terms.

Mill Services

  • Provider of logistics, converting, account and quality control support.
  • North American representation for international trade.