Simon Miller partners with Carvajal: Sugar Cane Paperboard Now Available in North America

Simon Miller is bringing the full product line of sugar cane fiber paperboard from the Carvajal mill in Colombia to North America. All Carvajal paperboard grades are made from bagasse fiber, a waste by-product obtained from sugar cane stalks after the extraction of the juice that is used for the production of sugar.

Sugar Cane paperboards offer a strong environmental alternative as a tree-free product from a highly regulated manufacturing process. Carvajal grades include Propalcote SBS C1S, Earth Pact Natural PVP C1S and Earth Pack Natural, all suitable for even the most demanding converting and printing applications.

For the customers choosing a natural look for their packaging, the elegance and cleanliness of the beautiful natural color of sugar cane boards present a strong aesthetic and differentiating advantage in today’s demanding market for sustainable options.